Jan 8, 2010

Frequently asked questions about Blogvertise (3)

Although Blogvertise some lonely job this month but it is still a lot of interest in the list and some of them send a question to the teacher through the contact form on this blog, in the shoutbox and comment box. Actually, some questions have been answered in the teacher around Blogvertise FAQ FAQ 1 and 2 around Blogvertise. But there are also new questions that must be answered teacher!. So for the questioners, please meninkmati answers and hopefully satisfy the teacher answers. Teacher answers based on experience and existing provisions in Blogvertise.

Jan 2, 2010

Dofollow Blog

Currently dofollow is a word familiar to us, commenting especially for hunting backlinks blogger fans. There are many who are reluctant to have their blogs dofollow due to several factors, such as anxiety Ranking unmatched by other bloggers, or fear of the circumcision of Om PageRank on Google. I myself can not comment on this, because employees do not Google. Some time ago, all the bloggers on Blogspot-based blog not because the technique followed to create links in comments to dofollow be easy, perhaps one of the frequently practiced. These techniques are not going to discuss because it is no longer useful, since Blogger is now stronger against spam. But in this post I will try to verify some of the advantages and disadvantages of dofollow blogs.

* Get the jump in traffic has doubled, especially if they are users of WordPress and uses KeywordLuv plugin, you get search engine traffic in a number of legal
* Get a double comment, even to know is why:)
* As a rule, many loyal visitors) (faithful readers who are always on our blog
* The number of feed subscribers increased significantly because customers want to keep forever blog updates
Blogs are increasingly popular, if your blog is popular with the above condition is not followed.
* Get a stable traffic though rarely updated blog
* Please note that commentators have bothered to comment, it motivates them to give a better comment again

* A large amount of comment spam is just to get the backlink
* Of course, you will be impressed by the attention of the many comments (if you're in a moderate all comments)
* To reduce the possibility of links or ads, because the advertiser can use to sell your dofollow blog.
* If comments too (in the previous 100), then indexes the search engines to your blog, many are left out too.
* Al-backlink backlink is still a problem with your blog, never mind, but if the blog is far from being the subject of the blog (such as selling drugs or anything that is not linked on the blog), Maybe then review blogs search engines, your blog is simply garbage.
* When using a self-hosted WordPress, then maybe your bandwidth is used up quickly, because also the page impressions and many of the visitors want to stop the decline in almost all items.
* Comments that are less good, the multiple links. Despite her comments of weight, but if too many links will be less good in the eyes of search engines.
I've given some examples of the advantages and disadvantages of dofollow blogs. Dofollow blog, linked to an increase in traffic quickly enough, but there are many problems with spam. Finally, the decision is in your hands to think so. Evaluation of the next post I will discuss how to make your blog dofollow but does not seem spam.

Jan 1, 2010

Facebook Application

In previous articles I explained how to use Facebook as a media sharing application, media and promotion of your blog. In subsequent articles, this time I tried a Facebook application, I'm sure you can use to make a fortune writing in the state, shows a photo sharing and response to comments. Basically, you can have fun while earning money ... It is even more fun:)

Maybe you're not on your Facebook profile page, in fact, you can display and sell items to find many readers you probably think. If you can music, shirts, gadgets, and perhaps angered by the last one before if you can sell. And whatever you may have with a small capital, even without the capital.

Next I will discuss a variety of applications for Facebook shares you may be taking. Sillahkan To best use the service.

Paypal Favorites
It was not long in explaining List Paypal, and you can meet the application of the vertebrae of the week. In essence, you are invited to market a variety of items, with compensation, if you can invite others to join, then you can get $ 1. More information can be read here

But I know where jelaskanpun world's most popular auction "eBay". You can also use their products through the profile page of the auction.

CafePress you can sell the shirt, how your product or products of others. In essence, this application allows all you have on your business memalui sell your personal page ..

Auction e3buy
This application works with e3bay auction site so you can make your own shop and displays through profile pages.

Choose from items such as site selection, try to add widgets to your profile Llau, a commission, to be sold if.