Jul 11, 2009

Custom Blogger Templates

We are using Blogger templates are, in general, does not lend itself to this comment, the next issue, this problem is usually only after a series of comments that have crossed 200th discovered Once diblog number surprised how much my blog to display the comments asking for more than 500 comments from bloggers and limited to only 200 comments per article, other bloggers have users, pages, based on the number of comments shown and continue to see a link to the above comments.
The absence of this opportunity to comment on this new template old nor the fault of the previous template creator, I can say, because the bloggers themselves, who recently renewed this option does not even appear for the count former staff, support for the facility. But do not be afraid to add the following comment facility is not so difficult.

Apr 21, 2009

Artisteer Program

Art Program, I can say, as a model program and a host of best generator has been completed. This is very different from a special generator Blogger template ever been published for some time. Artisteer is not just for bloggers only, but almost all popular blogging platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, WordPress, and these tools can enjoy.

Unfortunately, programs such as artistic quality is not free. To purchase, you will need about $ 49 for the version of the Home and Professional Edition and $ 129 for the pocket of the Standard Edition. But do not worry, you can still have the demo version. To a large file of about 60 MB too big. You can use the demonstration program

Feb 15, 2009

Amazon Associates

Enjoy an effort to make a blog as producer services U.S. $ cash, most exclusive users of Blogger. If Blogger had before, the easiest way is not given to the integration of Blogger with Adsense, Blogger is now added more new features, we also integration of Blogger with Amazon Associates can. Amazon Associates is a program for anyone who wants to build an online store that offers connections (links) to include products from Amazon. When a visitor to the store to buy something online from Amazon, you get a share of between 4 and 10% of the merchandise.